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Farm Kings Returns for a Second Season on April 11

Farm Kings

The King family L to R (and in order of birth): Joe, Elizabeth, Tim, Pete, Dan, mom Lisa, Luke, Sam, John, Paul and Ben.

America fell in love with the King family of GAC’s Farm Kings last season when they were introduced to the family’s work ethic, commitment to each other and, in the case of the oldest brothers, their rugged good looks. Farm Kings returns for a second season on Thursday, April 11 at 9/8c on GAC.

“GAC viewers have fallen in love with the King Family, and so have we,” GAC VP/Programming Suzanne Gordon said. “Each triumph and struggle on the farm reminds us that what matters most each day is family.”

Last season, partners Joe, Tim and Pete King grew the Freedom Farms brand to include free range chicken alongside their vast assortment of produce offerings and their plans for the new season includes cattle and pigs, adding enormous responsibilities to an already overworked family. Dan, ever-frustrated as he continues to be passed over for a partnership offer he so desperately wants, actually sought winter employment outside of the farm and could be weighing his options in terms of not working for his family.  A possible crushing blow to the family, this would also greatly impact the King’s small but productive work force as each family member has specific jobs to do.

Outspoken “mama bear” Lisa King continues to rule her large brood with an indefatigable spirit that would make most parents’ heads spin.  Not only does she cook for her large family, she oversees the Freedom Farms produce market, cooks for their café and carry-out and has a thriving floral business. Lisa and only daughter Elisabeth (“Bitty”) often go head to head in the kitchen, where culinary school grad Bitty loses patience with her mom’s off the cuff cooking style.

Youngest brother Ben, 13, has Down syndrome and one of the family’s favorite nonprofits is their local Special Olympics chapter.  The brothers decide to raise money for Special Olympics by holding a Win a Date with a King auction where Bitty will auction off dates with her brothers to the highest bidders. Great idea, except for the fact that two of the King brothers have girlfriends who show up and try to outbid the competition.

The King’s story goes beyond farming. It is one of a large, loving family that lives the America dream, despite a series of constant challenges. For photos, videos and more, visit our Farm Kings section!


James Wesley Releases “Thank A Farmer”

James Wesley

James Wesley photo courtesy of Broken Bow Records.

James Wesley is back with his new single, “Thank A Farmer.” The track is  powerful tribute to America’s farmers, released just in time for National Agriculture Day, which was March 19. Co-written by Dustin Lynch, Josh Thompson and Steve Bogard, it tells the story of both the struggles and importance of farming as the backbone of America. Having grown up on a dairy farm in Kansas, James can relate.

“This song IS me and where I am from which is ‘The Heartland’ of Southeast Kansas,” he said. “I raised goats, chickens, ducks, pigeons, and we always had a big garden growing up. I can’t tell you how many green beans I picked before and after school growing up!

“Growing up on a small farm taught me to be responsible and gave me a sense of pride, but above all it gave me a great work ethic,” he continued. “I have always had to work for what I got. Growing up in a farming community was everything. A man’s word meant something and a handshake was a deal. If anyone was ever in need you could always count on your neighbor.”

Speaking of farmers, an all-new season of Farm Kings starts on Thursday, April 11 at 9/8C right here on GAC! Check out our Farm Kings section for photos, videos and more from the King family!

Watch the “Thank A Farmer” lyric video below:

Click here to view the embedded video.


John Corbett Announces “Leaving Nothin’ Behind Tour”

John Corbett

John Corbett

John Corbett is hitting the road! His “Leaving Nothin’ Behind Tour” kicks off February 24 in Sellersville, PA with dates scheduled through July [see dates below]. The tour is in support of his new album, Leaving Nothin’ Behind, available digitally on January 29 and at retail locations on February 5. Perhaps better known for his acting roles, John plans to take the stage with no preconceived notions.

“I play the show,” he said. “I already win the battle when I come out onstage, if they haven’t seen us before, because they have such low expectations. We put on a pretty good live show. I want them to put on the marquee, ‘From ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’ I want as many people in those shows as I can get. I don’t care how they get in there.”

In addition to a new album and tour, John is also GAC’s new “Living Country” spokesperson! He can be seen on GAC in a series of spots promoting our commitment to programming that supports the country lifestyle such as Farm Kings and Kimberly’s Simply Southern.

“We were looking for a brand spokesperson that lives and can speak to the country lifestyle and has national appeal,” said Sarah Trahern, SVP/GM, GAC.  “That’s John Corbett.”

Leaving Nothin’ Behind Tour Dates:

February 24 – Sellersville Theater 1894, Sellersville, PA
February 26 – Iron Horse, Northhampton, MA
February 27 – B.B. King’s, New York, NY
February 28 – Ramshead, Annapolis, MD
March 1 – Hill Country BBQ, Washington DC
March 9 – Windjammer, Isle of Palms, SC
March 11 – Visulite, Charlotte, NC
March 14 – Superfly’s Lone Star Music Emporium, San Marcos, TX (in-store performance)
March 15 – Lone Star Music Magazine SXSW Party, Austin, TX
March 17 – Hot Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Hot Springs, AR
April 4 – Powerhouse Pub, Folsom, CA
July 6 – Heritage Park, Junction City, KS

For more information on John, check out his official website HERE.


Lisa King from Farm Kings Answers Fan Questions

Lisa King

Lisa King

GAC recently hosted a Facebook chat with Lisa King, matriarch of the King family from the hit series Farm Kings. From the first episode of Season 1, which introduced Lisa and her family, fans have wondered about her farm life, her immaculate flower gardens and of course, her relationship with her nine sons and one daughter.

Farm Kings photo gallery >>

Before moving on to Season 2, we wanted to let fans spend some time with “Mama Bear” to ask her some questions. As expected, Lisa’s answers were as genuine and honest as we’ve come to know her to be on the show. If you missed the chat, we’ve got all the questions and answers for you right here!

How do you stay in such great shape and look so young after having 10 kids?
(Lisa Rock)

Lisa King: You are so kind! I never sit and eat. I try to eat all healthy, meat & veggies. Sorry to say, the older we get the less we eat and the more we active we need to be. Being pregnant for 9 years total was enough weight to carry, with some of the babies weighing up to 10 1/2 lbs!

Mama King, what’s it like to have such a large family that lives, works together and has ever-growing success? And now that y’all are on TV, is it hard to get any real work done?
(Rob Salyers)

LK: I have to be honest, I don’t think we think about it. And success will be when we are out of debt! In regards to the show, we had pause in our working day but it only made us make up for lost time & work harder. Frustrating, but worth it!

How did you instill such a strong sense of work ethic, responsibility, and family in your children? I have a hard time getting my kids off the couch and would love some advice.
(Nancy Moore)

LK: It has to start at a young age, that is the key, but my advice is take away all hand controls and hide them. If they can use a computer they can do laundry. Even Ben Does. America is losing its work ethic. Try to get them involved with people like elderly and disabled people, at least once a week. Please be strong and use couch time as a reward. Your kids will always remember your strength.

What’s your favorite family tradition?
(Amy DesOrmeaux)

LK: Christmas Eve is our happiest time to be together with the outdoors brought in and simple candles, lights, and a great meal. We have a longtime tradition of grab bag gifts with lots of hugs and kisses always shared with my brother John and family. We laugh and enjoy a whole lot of life that night.

What is a favorite memory you have of your kids when they weren’t doing something farm related?
(Myra Edwards)

LK: My fondest memories came after I became a single mom. They are: 1) Bonfires; 2) Floating on rafts down a wild rock stream; and 3) Driving for the first time to the beach with everything & everyone on a truck like the Beverly Hillbillies minus a rocker. The truth!

Why are you and Tim more competitive with each other? And, if the Freedom Farms Games was Tim vs Mom, who would win?
(Michelle Woodard-LeHew)

LK:  Tim and I are more competitive with each other because I think our personalities are strong and determined to do our best. Remember, healthy competition is good for your soul. Keep productive. In my younger days I would’ve given Tim a run for his money but sad to say, I think the only think I could win now is flower picking.

Prepared foods and baked goods aside, what is your best-selling item?
(Norma J Michaud)

LK:  By far, Tomato Basil Pie. It just won’t die! I think I might rename it Bruschetta Pie. Yum!

How do you relax? When you aren’t working, what do you like to do to blow off steam?
(Shannon Cowan)

LK: Relax? What does that mean? I weed my gardens in the summer and clean in the winter.

How did you keep the peace while the kids were young?
(Teresa Munn)

LK: With an iron fist! No… really they wrestled then I put them to house cleaning. They made the mess, right?

Lisa, a lot of our viewers have one big question: Where do you get all your energy? Are you slipping energy bars into those tomato basil pies?

LK:  Ha ha ha… good one! The more work there is to do the higher my energy level gets. Also debt helps with energy. But the joy of customers also helps me move faster when I know they need or want something.

As a parent of a DS child what words of knowledge could you pass down to a new DS mommy. We are in the NICU at CHP. My son was 6 weeks premature and is scheduled for heart surgery. I stop at your farm market for lunch when I see things posted on Facebook on my way to the hospital.
(Melissa Conti Frederick) [Ed. note: Rebecca Fitzgerald has a similar question, as her friend has recently adopted two children with special needs]

LK: Treasure every moment as hard as it is. It is a dance. Don’t read too much about DS. You’re a mother, he’s a child. Massage, talk and kiss nonstop. Ben is the greatest gift in my life. I truly will be thinking of you, send me your angel’s name.

Do you start your flower garden from seed, or do you purchase the plants? Your gardens are beautiful!
(Christy Houser McCown)

LK: 90% is from seeds, 10% bulbs. I dig every year and thank you. The garden is only 4 years old, looking forward to years to come.

Do you have any words of encouragement for the families out there who struggle working a farm as you and your family do?
(M Liles Keena)

LK: Remember that this is what our forefathers did as pioneers. Imagine their struggles. Personally I wouldn’t want those times. Believe in yourself and the earth. Remember, NO FARMS, NO FOOD! Keeping American farmers alive is our goal. Best wishes, keep farming!

One thing everyone wants to know is how to get their hands on Lisa’s recipes — so she generously shared one with us! Watch Lisa, Joe and Bitty tell you all about Lisa’s Pumpkin Pie Cake and get the recipe HERE.

If you’re new to Farm Kings, learn more about the show and watch some highlights from Season 1 HERE. And while we’re busy getting Season 2 ready, we’ve got plenty of episodes from Season 1 airing soon to get you caught up! Find out each episode’s airtime for the Farm Kings marathon (starting January 1) HERE.


Farm Kings Coming Back For Season Two

Farm Kings

Farm Kings

Good news Farm Kings fans!  The King family will be back for a second season. Viewers have related to the Kings, a farming family of nine brothers, one sister and their mother, who allow cameras to follow them into their homes, their fields and their markets for an up close look at the life of a farmer. Their goal is simple: to make farming cool again and remind viewers where their food comes from.

Check out the Farm Kings Photo Gallery »

“Viewers are relating in a big way to the hard working, loving King family,” GAC SVP/GM Sarah Trahern said.  “With solid ratings and continual online buzz, we are all looking forward to season two.”

LIVE Facebook Chat with Lisa King – Thurs. Dec. 20 at 8p|7c »

In the new season, the Kings will host a benefit ‘Win a Date with a King’ auction for their favorite charity, the Special Olympics. Their three storefront operations will continue to expand when Joe, Tim and Pete decide to add cows and pigs to their commercial produce and chicken farm. And the four oldest King brothers will find themselves involved in a photo shoot for a Freedom Farms calendar.

With oldest brother Joe as a boss, each sibling, ages 13-30, is focused on the family business an each has a job to do. Mom Lisa is not only an incredible from-scratch cook who feeds her large family, she also prepares much of what’s sold in their storefront operations, cranking out up to 30 pies in an hour. While it’s not always easy working with family, the Kings are first and foremost, a team.

Watch highlights from all the Season One episodes »


Farm Kings Season One Finale & Live Twitter Chat with Pete King!

Farm Kings

Farm Kings

If you missed the season finale of Farm Kings this past Thursday, have no fear! You can catch a re-airs of the episode on GAC in the coming weeks! In the episode, the Kings work to get as much out of their fields as they can before winter comes. While dealing with the added stress of drought, hail damage and five lost weeks of crops, Tim and Pete go down for the count, putting all of Freedom Farms in jeopardy.

Check out the Farm Kings Photo Gallery »

Before the finale, GAC hosted a live Twitter chat with Pete King. He answered questions from fans using hashtag #FarmKings on everything from what the best movie he’s ever seen is (Last of the Mohicans) to the last album he listened to (Johnny Cash) to how many girlfriends Mama King has scared off (as many as he’s asked her to).

Check out all the questions and answers from our Twitter chat with Pete here:

Question 1 comes from @Kelly8475 – Pete, what made you go into farming? #farmkings

Answer 1 My mom & dad made me start doing it and I just kept doing it. I’ve always done it, might as well keep doing it. #farmkings

Question 2 is a great farming ? from @HeatherAwtry What are the best vegetables or fruits to plant that do not require alot of sun

Answer 2 Carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cold crops don’t require much sun. #farmkings

Question 3 #farmkings @HopeCiara wants to know if you have a “dream job”, what it is, and would you leave farming for it?

Answer 3 I wouldn’t give up farming for another job. You do everything, that’s what makes you a farmer. Pretty bound to the ground. #farmkings

Question 4 #FARMKINGS – we see a lot of dogs on the show – @westcoast_ wants to know if you are the animal lover of the family

Answer 4 Yeah I guess. I like spending time with the livestock, it’s fun to do. Then again, I do kill them at the end of it all…. #farmkings

Question 5 #FARMKINGS The end is near – @1kaylabrooke1 wants to know how you feel about tonight being the last episode of the season

Answer 5 It’s sad. Quite sad, actually. I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly. #farmkings

Question 6 #FARMKINGS Self evaluation time @WendyNewcomer wants to know what you learned about yourself while filming season 1

Answer 6 I learned that I’m too hard on Dan and my voice is slightly annoying. #farmkings

Question 7 #FARMKINGS @jessicahance93 wants to know if it’s hard working with your family (we saw you and Dan go at it in episode 1)

Answer 7 Yes, it can be. #farmkings

Question 8 #farmkings from @aS3production Great one! What do you think life would be like if you had 9 sisters instead of 8 brothers?

Answer 8 It would be terrifying. #farmkings

Question 9 #farmkings Time for some fill in the blank! The best movie I ever saw was …..

Answer 9 Last of the Mohicans. #farmkings

Question 10 is a good one from @theMindofMarisa – How many of your girlfriends has Mama Bear scared away? #farmkings

Answer 10 All the ones I asked her too. #farmkings

Question 11 #farmkings @SaraJessica8 is curious about what do you guys do in the winter

Answer 11 Maintenance, get another job, sleep some, get ready for next season. #farmkings

Question 12#farmkings We get lots about Ben – @foxygrlz wants to know what Ben thinks about seeing his family on tv

Answer 12 He loves it. He loves being on tv and he loves seeing us on tv. He’s watched our profile videos like 6,000 times. #farmkings

Question 13#farmkings Time to pick favorites @KelseyColon27 wants to know which brother you get along with the best …and worst?

Answer 13 The younger half are my favorite, they’re cool. Dan’s a pain in the butt. #farmkings

Question 14 is out last one of the night (time to watch #farmkings) – @dana_OOOO wants to know what cd or artist you listened to last?

Answer 14 Johnny Cash. #farmkings

Make sure you follow @GACTV and @FarmKings on Twitter.  You can find out more about the Farm King and check out photos and video highlights in our Farm Kings section! You can also take your photo with the Kings. Just download our mobile app, check out the Photo Cards area, and snap away!


Watch the Farm Kings Season Finale Tonight & Tweet Live with Pete King!

Farm Kings

Farm Kings

The summer farming season is coming to a close on tonight’s finale of Farm Kings, airing at 9p|8c. One hour before the finale, Pete King will be live tweeting (starting at 8p|7c). Submit questions to Pete by using the hashtag #FarmKings – he might just answer you! He’ll also share some of the behind the scenes secrets and little-known facts about Freedom Farms.

In tonight’s episode, the Kings work to get as much out of their fields as they can, but as the days grow shorter, the work gets harder. While dealing with the added stress of drought, hail damage and five lost weeks of crops, Tim and Pete are down for the count, putting all of Freedom Farms in jeopardy. The rest of the King family must step up to make sure everything gets done, all while planning their first ever end-of-season Fall Festival.

Will the fall festival be a success? Or will lack of profits and another hard year on the farm make for a long, cold winter at Freedom Farms? Tune in tonight at 9p|8c to find out!


The Farm Kings Hope to Show the Struggles & Triumphs of Farming

Farm Kings

Farm Kings

The King family, stars of GAC’s new series Farm Kings, are having a hard time wrapping their heads around their reality show. The show follows them – eight brothers, one sister and their mother – through the ups and downs of farm life. While they’re normally too busy to even turn on the television, they made special plans to sit down together to watch last week’s premiere.

“I try and find other stuff to do,” Pete King told the Tennessean. “But this is surreal. You never would have expected us to be on TV. I’m learning to deal with it. It’s pretty awesome. They did a great job in showing us. The drama part in there was part of the reality show, which we knew was coming.”

The cameras catch the King family hard at work and having fun. They also capture the family drama. Because they’re so busy keeping the farm running, they don’t have time to create situations for the sake of good television.

“They’ll show some of the hard stuff we go through and us getting mad at each other, too, here and there, but we always come together as a family,” Pete said. “It’s not made up for TV. But the music makes things sound a little more dramatic than they are.”

Pete had some hesitations about doing the show. His lifestyle was already busy enough without camera crews in the mix. But in the end, the chance to show viewers what happens on a farm brought him on board.

“I thought it would be cool to show the world what we do, and there’s a lot of other people out there who do the same kind of hard work,” he told the Tennessean. “I just want to make a comeback for agriculture. I would like for this to be as educational as possible.”

On tonight’s all-new episode, tension runs high in the King family as the farming season kicks off with equipment failure, flooding and heated arguments, putting their first large planting in danger. Tune in tonight at 9/8 p.m. CT!

Be sure to check out our special Farm Kings section for photos, videos and more! You can also get more Farm Kings by downloading our mobile app here. And if you’re watching the show tonight, be sure to tweet along with us using hashtag #FarmKings.


Watch the Premiere of GAC’s New “Farm Kings” Series TONIGHT

Farm Kings
Farm Kings

Nine brothers share one goal in GAC’s new series, Farm Kings, premiering Thursday, September 27, at 9 p.m. Eastern. “We’re determined not to be a dying breed,” Joe King says of their farming lifestyle. Joe, along with his eight brothers, a sister and mother star in the show that aims to make farming cool again.

The King family runs Freedom Farms near Pittsburgh as well as three retail operations where they sell more than 35 varieties of produce. The family grew up farming and when their parents divorced a few years ago — driving a wedge between the King sons and their father — the three oldest brothers bought a competing farm nearby.

The King family’s story is full of emotion and drama in a business that has Mother Nature as the ultimate boss. They’re up before the sun and go to bed well after it goes down. Each family member has a job to do. Even the younger brothers have chores before heading to school. An illness or equipment failure could mean disaster.

In the premiere episode, the focus is on the partnership between Joe, Tim and Pete King, owners of Freedom Farms — and Dan, the next brother in line who desperately wants to be a partner with his brothers. Dan believes he’s ready to take on the role but his brothers see a lack of commitment and focus. While they have Dan’s best interest in mind, that may not be enough to keep away hurt feelings and frustration.

While the King family may not agree on everything, they do agree it’s vitally important for everyone to know where their food is coming from. Visit our special Farm Kings section for photos and video sneak peeks to get to know the Kings before the premiere! You can also download our free mobile app to have your picture taken with your favorite Farm King!

Planning to tweet along when the show premieres tonight? Be sure to use hashtag #FarmKings!


GAC’s Top 10 Down On The Farm Videos

Farm Kings

GAC's Top 10 Down on the Farm Videos, hosted by the Farm Kings.

GAC’s Top 10 Down on the Farm videos fan-voted countdown is all about dirt, fields and farm equipment! The votes have been harvested to reveal the cream of the crop. And who else is better suited to count them down than actual farmers – Joe, Tim, Pete and Dan King, stars of the new GAC series, Farm Kings which premieres Thursday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET!

Along with their mother and six other siblings, the King brothers grow and sell 35 types of produce and raise chickens on their Freedom Farms near Pittsburgh, PA. Check out our Farm Kings Photo Gallery and find out more about them in our special Farm Kings section HERE. While you wait for the series premiere, catch the re-airs of Top 10 Down on the Farm videos on Sunday, September 23 at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET on GAC!

And while they’re still fresh out of the field, here are the Top 10 Down on the Farm videos, chosen by you!

No. 10 – “Down on the Farm” – Tim McGraw

Click here to view the embedded video.

Tim brings the party to a farm in his home state of Louisiana with the No. 10 video on our list. Let’s hope all those fans stayed out of the hay!

No. 9 – “Farmer’s Daughter” – Rodney Atkins

Click here to view the embedded video.

There’s a lot of hard work on the farm in this video. There’s also a lot of hard work at impressing the farmer’s daughter!

No. 8 – “Heartland” – George Strait

Click here to view the embedded video.

This video is part King George performing live, part clips from the movie Pure Country, starring George Strait.

No. 7 – “International Harvester” – Craig Morgan

Click here to view the embedded video.

Craig brings the country – and farm equipment – into the city in the No. 7 video on our countdown.

No. 6 – “Amarillo Sky” – Jason Aldean

Click here to view the embedded video.

Young farmers show what their family farms mean to them in one of two videos from Jason to make the Down on the Farm countdown.

No. 5 – “Country Boy” – Alan Jackson

Click here to view the embedded video.

This clip from Alan is part performance and video footage from a real life country boy who won a contest hosted by Alan.

No. 4 – “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” – Trace Adkins

Click here to view the embedded video.

This cheeky video stars a cast of puppets, including a Trace lookalike and some rather talented barnyard animals.

No. 3 – “Rain Is A Good Thing” – Luke Bryan

Click here to view the embedded video.

Longtime farmers share how important rain is to their livelihood and welcome Luke to their farm for a live show in the No. 3 video on our countdown.

No. 2 – “Big Green Tractor” – Jason Aldean

Click here to view the embedded video.

Fans love singing along with Jason’s “Big Green Tractor” and this video of Jason performing the song live proves it.

No. 1 – “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” – Kenny Chesney

Click here to view the embedded video.

It’s the song that made Kenny a household name – and made country fans see tractors in a whole new light! “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” is the No. 1 Down on the Farm video!