PHOTOS: Lucked Out at Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion

For the last seven years, the only way to see Willie Nelson’s private Luck Ranch in Spicewood, Texas is to score a pass to his Luck Reunion. One-part family gathering and one-part music festival, Luck Reunion is the only time out of the year when Nelson opens his property to thousands of music lovers for... Read more »

Luke Bryan Reminds Us to Keep Being Good

While the people calling the shots behind the scenes of a video shoot — in this case Wes Edwards and Paul Cain — tend to talk about the high-tech details of the production, Luke Bryan sums things up with a simple message to everyone watching the clip from his “Most People Are Good” shoot. “Keep... Read more »

What Rodeo Houston Taught Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks will headline Rodeo Houston on Sunday night (March 18), and he’s doing it kind of unplugged. In 1991, Brooks played his very first Rodeo Houston show. And the show in Houston was the first time Brooks ever played a show wirelessly, allowing him to walk out into the crowd and not be tethered... Read more »

Maren Morris Is Rich with Unlikely Nouns

One of the things Maren Morris seems to love about her new song “Rich” is that it it has a way with words that you don’t usually hear in a country song. Words like Prada, Benz, and the Mandarin.

Jordan Davis on His Nashville Firsts

Rising artist and Louisiana native Jordan Davis first learned about the Vietnam War growing up on long drives to the family deer camp. His father loved John Prine, and his 1971 self-titled debut was always on heavy rotation. Back then, Davis couldn’t wrap his nine-year-old brain around the “Sam Stone” lyrics, “There’s a hole in... Read more »

What Kelsea Ballerini Means to Walker Hayes

Everybody wants to be the headliner. That’s kind of the country music endgame. But for Walker Hayes, he sees a lot of good in being the opener, too.

John Carter Cash On Johnny Cash’s Unifying Words

John Carter Cash always feels connected to the spirit of his late father, Johnny Cash, whenever he revisits his handwritten words. In his 2011 book, House of Cash: The Legacies of My Father, Carter Cash wrote about how whenever his father sat down to write, his heart always seemed to be connected to the pen... Read more »

Scotty McCreery: The Seasons Really Change

For Scotty McCreery, who was just a teenager when he auditioned for and ultimately won American Idol in 2011, he doesn't think that youth was on his side when it came to making country music. “I couldn’t have made this record when I was 17. I couldn’t have made this record when I was 20. I just didn’t have it in me. The craft wasn’t there," McCreery told Billboard Country Update about his single "Five More Minutes" and his forthcoming album Seasons Change.

Carly Pearce: “It’s a Really Beautiful Thing”

Country artists are always so good about thanking all of their fans for all of their fame. But what about their OG fans? The ones who made up their first audience, founded their unofficial fan club, and started a grass roots campaign about their music.

Kane Brown and Thomas Rhett Continue to Have Top Album and Song

There have been more changes in the Great Pyramid of Giza than in this week’s Billboard country charts. The deluge of new music I recently predicted ain’t started deluging yet.